A nutritious and healthy journey in food

Our centres all employ a full time cook who holds qualifications in Nutrition and Menu Planning as well as Safe Food Handling.  All our snacks and meals are freshly prepared in our own fully equipped kitchen using Fresh Organic Produce.

  • Fresh & Organic

    All of our centres use locally sourced, fresh, organic produce for children's meals, with some vegetables even coming from the children's garden.

  • Culturally Aware

    Our menus give children a taste of the world, with food from many countries and different cuisines. We cater for all children with most dietary or cultural requirements provided for.

  • Allergen Aware

    We are an Allergy Aware centre. We develop allergy management and risk minimisation plans for all children affected by allergies. We also cater to children’s individual cultural and lifestyle dietary requirements.

  • Nutritious Menu

    All meals on our seasonal, 6-week rotating menu are created in consultation with a nutritionist and prepared fresh daily. This gives your child great nutrition and an interesting diverse menu.

  • Master Chef

    Our daily master chef classes get children in touch with their food, how it's prepared and where it comes from, from garden to table.

Fresh organic produce,
prepared daily

We use only quality ingredients, lean meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits.  We do not use frozen, packaged meals which are re-heated.  The centre provides breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and a late snack.

We recognise babies and children’s likes are different to adults and our menus are specifically designed to reflect children’s food preferences.

Download a sample of our menu.

Nutritious and Varied Menu, Tailored to Children

In addition to taking children’s likes and dislikes into account, our menu is designed to meet most of a child’s total daily nutritional requirements.

Using the knowledge gained from constantly looking for new ways of creating dishes that are not only nutritious, but also something children love to eat, our fantastic MSS cook has put together a cookbook showcasing some of the more popular and successful dishes from our menu.

You can view an extract from the book downloading the MSS Cook Book Extract.