Parent Resources

Sometimes, knowing if the information you find when trying to help you can be harder than finding it in the first place. Below you will find a series of articles and links that we recommend. If you have any additional questions or enquiries as a parent, please contact your centre director.

The website is Australia’s online child care portal and an invaluable resource for parents.

Useful Articles for Parents

Supporting your child in learning to manage their behaviour and emotions

Self-regulation is a child’s ability to manage their behaviour and includes the ability to focus and to control impulses. The capacity to regulate emotional responses is a skill that needs to be learned.

Why do children bite?

Some parents know the pain of a child that bites. This article may give you some insight into the behaviour.

Transition to School

An article by Jodie Turley, lecturer, and researcher at the Australian Catholic University useful for any parent with a child starting school in the coming year.

Fussy Eating

Many parents can relate to the challenge of their children being fussy eaters.

Why do Toddler bite?

Biting is a very common behaviour among toddlers, which means there are a lot of concerned parents out there. You are not alone.

Understanding and managing separation distress?

Why can separating from parents and carers be distressing for young children?

Language Development

Language development in children is amazing, and it’s a development that many parents really look forward to.

Helpful Sites for Parents


The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority oversees the implementation of the NQF, raising the standard for child care services.

Early Childhood Autralia

As the peak early childhood advocacy organisation, ECA advocates quality, social justice and equality on all issues relating to the education and care of children aged birth to 8 years.

 Kids Health

An excellent resource for parents and children with articles, hints and tips, advice and recommendations for a huge range of topics.

Childcare NSW

Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is the peak body for privately owned early childhood education and care services in NSW.

Immunisation & Vaccination

This is the NSW Government Health website with all information you should need regarding immunisations and vaccinations for you and your child.

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids are dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy, and childhood and supporting bereaved families.