Why Choose Us

My Stepping Stones Early Learning Centres are all about making your child feel at home. We provide a warm, friendly environment that reminds children of home. Our highly qualified centre directors and educators endeavour to be trusted members of your child's extended family.

Parents & Children Love Our Early Learning Centres

Our centres create an environment that supports you in giving your child a positive start through their key formative years, going the extra mile in everything we do, from using only organic fresh produce, to having higher staff ratios and a “home away from home” look and feel

We believe that by developing an open, honest and professional culture, we will build a happy community. We commit ourselves to having a plan for continuous improvement, in consultation with the children, their families, educators and the community.

More Staff

Every child requires and deserves significant support and care.  Our centres only employ full-time staff and all centres have a much higher staff to child ratio than the national average. We believe this is required to give your child a stable, consistent and familiar learning environment. Each centre has their own centre director dedicated to coaching and supporting staff and families.

More Services

More Services

We believe in a complete learning environment for parents and well as children. Finding the right advice can be hard and expensive. Our centres arrange visits from professionals such as local psychologists, dentists, optometrists,  hearing experts, occupational therapists, chiropractors, speech therapists and parenting experts to help children and families.

More Informed

More Informed

Learning isn’t just for children. We give parents the tools needed to help their child develop. Providing orientation, curriculum & school readiness evenings, social events for families, family & educator one-on-one interviews twice yearly discussing progress and planning, written reports for each child, a daily debrief, and regular communication including our day book, weekly update, monthly newsletter and yearly portfolio.


Better Nutrition

Each of our centres hold daily master chef classes, led by our centre cooks, where children are given the chance to learn and help with the cooking. Our centres also boast thriving vegetable gardens, and we employ a garden-to-plate program, where garden-fresh produce is used in our meals. All centres run Healthy Living classes, and offer a complete nutrition plan. Our menus are developed in consultation with local qualified nutritionists – helping with fussy eaters and allergies, and ensuring a culturally diverse menu. Children with allergies are catered for in an inclusive manner, with thorough procedures that ensure their health & safety; an important part of this is preparing children with allergies to stay safe when going to school.

Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

My Stepping Stones is a place where environmental education and wonder is a part of the everyday philosophy and curriculum. We believe in teaching the children a sense of responsibility to both the living and non-living environment, providing sustainability classes for children. We also run workshops alongside the community, with initiatives such as Eco-Festivals and community sustainability projects like Coles Recycling and Terracycle. While adhering to a rigorous, professional daily cleaning routine, we only use child and environmentally friendly cleaning procedures and products.


More Inclusive

Each year we hold special events for families, such as Mothers Day and our Christmas party. My Stepping Stones support families who are about to make the transition to primary school, holding an annual school readiness evening run by school principals, kindergarten teachers and parents. All children are invited to regular local excursions, including local parks, the pet store, cafés and the supermarket. We also have an open door policy, where we encourage families to attend centre activities.

Fun Activities

Fun Activities

At My Stepping Stones we believe in the importance of fun. All centres hold free, regular incursions for children, like puppet shows, kindy farm, seal life, science shows and more. Centres also run a complete sports program, led by a local professional. We offer music programs for children, encouraging curiosity and appreciation through play and listening. Centres also hold yoga classes for children, increasing their knowledge and awareness about health and wellbeing.

Culturally Diverse

Culturally Diverse

My Stepping Stones is an inclusive environment for children and their families, no matter their cultural background. We work with Inclusion Support agencies and Bicultural support, liaise and arrange visits from the local Indigenous Liaisons Officer, working with children. My Stepping Stones ensures children experience and understand a wide range of cultures – all centres offer language lessons, such as Italian, run by the local bilingual school, and we offer a culturally diverse menu from all corners of the globe, encouraging children to try new foods and embrace new cultures.

First Aid

First Aid

First aid is a serious matter, and something everyone should know more about. You never know when you might need it, which is why all of our educators and directors are trained in first aid, anaphylaxis, and asthma. We also provide first aid training for children, this is a fun learning experience whilst giving them some valuable life skills.

Partnering with Parents

Our centres are so much more than a fun and safe place for your child. We believe in developing strong relationships with parents, to create a friendly and consistent environment for children. With regular and clear communication, you will know exactly what’s going on during the day, while you play and learn at night.

Our centres regularly hold seminars and free information evenings throughout the year featuring nutritionists, psychologists, chiropractors occupational therapists, speech therapists, and parenting experts. Topics include what to expect, and school readiness nights.

Programs and Curriculum

Every child is unique. Whilst we follow the Early Years Learning Framework, we design specialty programs for each individual child at our centres. These programs are developed by our educators, together with Occupational Therapists, psychologists and other early learning professionals, including an external curriculum consultant that works closely with and trains our educators.

A star at My Stepping Stones is our year round School Readiness Program. This includes, visits to local schools practicing use of lunch boxes, current kindergarten children visiting and talking to the MSS children, wearing school uniform to MSS, choice of worksheets, and a graduation ceremony for children progressing to school.

Your child will love my stepping stones, but be quick, places are limited so add you child to our centre waitlist today.