Emotional Development

Emotional development is the emergence of a child's experience, expression, understanding, and regulation of emotions which begins from birth. Emotions such as pride, empathy, and self-recognition begin to emerge in the early years. Emotional skills are important as children learn how to self-regulate their emotions, learn to express themselves with others, be understood and have their needs met. It is also important for children to build resilience and confidence.

Curriculum Highlights

Music & Drama

Our centres provide engaging music and drama classes, that whilst fun and entertaining, also assist children openly express their feelings.

Centre Pets

Centre Pets

Each of our centres has pets. These cute little creatures offer a sense well-being, offer comfort and bring great joy to the children.  Weekend visits are available as children like to proudly to show them off.

Psychologists/ Occupational Therapists

Our centres deliver access to qualified specialists who are available for advice. They provide assessments and support to children and parents.

Social Texts

Social texts ( stories) are used as part of the day to day program to assist children better understand their feelings and emotions.

How Emotional Development Milestones Are Achieved

In the Nursery

In our nursery, the educators support children’s secure attachments through consistent and warm, nurturing relationships. This allows the children to initiate interactions and communication with trusted educators, enabling them to have the confidence to explore and engage with their environments.

For Explorers

In our explorers room, educators value children’s personal decision making, and support children to engage in and persevere at tasks and play. The children are encouraged to share humour and satisfaction, and to seek out accept new challenges.

For Pre School

In our preschool room, educators provide children with strategies to make informed choices about their emotions and behaviours. The children are assisted in persevering when faced with challenges, through learning about different emotions how to deal with them.

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